Monthly Archives: March 2015

Of the many people who I enjoy spending time in the outdoors with, this old girl has to be my favourite companion. Her name is Bear (very fitting as she is almost as big as one). She keeps me company, alerts me of other animals (potential food) , and provides a type of entertainment that no human could offer. It’s truly a pleasure to spendĀ a day in the backcountry with someone who enjoys it as much as you. Being a husky/malamute/mutt mix from Labrador, Bear is pre-wired to thoroughly enjoy being outside and surrounded by woods, especially when it is frigidly cold. I realized this immediately during our first winter trip. All she wanted to do was go into the deepest snow, in the thickest woods, and get the furthest off the trail she possibly could while still seeing me. Pure excitement. She also loves the extreme cold because it…

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