Monthly Archives: October 2016

The Cape Shore Water Dog Last week was the first night in the bush for my new Cape Shore water dog Saku. I picked him up from Branch, NL last month and he is now a mere 11 weeks old. The little guy is a warrior and I can’t wait to watch him lay his roots. This breed of canine is genetically wired to spend long periods of time in the woods and the waters.┬áTheir iconic trait is a keen sense to retrieve freshwater ducks and sea ducks. I can notice his urge to do this already. They are also known to be very smart and versatile pups who show plenty of affection to others. In Saku’s case, interactions with people and other dogs have been going smoothly. Generally, he is just a big sook. The origin of the Cape Shore dog is an interesting, yet unclear story. For over…

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