Monthly Archives: December 2016

This film tells the story of my approximate 120 kilometre hiking and canoeing trip across Newfoundland’s Avalon Wilderness Reserve. It was an adventure I tackled two summer’s ago after several months of preparation. Check out My Quest for the Century Club…. of Trekking and Exploring . Before this, the longest I had been in the wild consecutively was 4 days spent traversing the Avalon Peninsula’s Hawke Hills. During that particular trip I only travelled 30 kilometres. Not only was this my first long distance trek, but it was also a solo endeavour that tested my mental and physical capacities. I believe that experiencing hardships on our own in an isolated setting helps us grow as more independent and self-reliant individuals. When you are left to your own devices and have no one to turn to you stretch in your ability to overcome adversity, fear and discomforts. I faced all kinds of these situations…

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