Monthly Archives: August 2017

  It has been hard to get this off my mind. It was the real thing. At most times, a very raw and unique way of living. Taking this life to a whole new level. Working hard, having a ton of fun and earning wilderness experiences that took my breath away and made my heart pound. Some great, others not so great. But that is all part of the adventure I crave. It is a powerful feeling. For most it’s hard to envision these experiences and feelings, but believe me, they are special. Of course nothing has really sunk in. So much has happened. A blur in my mind in some sense. But a fantastic one at that. Our province is filled with so much beauty. Wilderness or not. I learned a ton about everything. Something that I love to do. Newfoundland, its history, myself, my dog, thriving in the…

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“In our natural world, we grow to find beauty in imperfection. We better understand the power of bringing people together as equals, regardless of race, religion, or gender. The wildhood we share is a place where diversity is celebrated every day.” – This local clothing brand @wildhood_provides fashionable and more importantly comfortable clothing for those in touch with the natural world and who care about equality amongst us all. They are great people who truly care about their customer as much as their product. Visit their website and use my ambassador promo code: ” NLEXPLORER ” to recieve 20% off your next purchase.