Monthly Archives: December 2017 This episode follows Saku and I in December 2017. We weather a blizzard just outside of St. John’s, NL. I use and discuss the MSR Hubba Hubba NX Tent which I purchased locally at The Outfitters. It’s the model I took across Newfoundland with me. My trip intentions were to enjoy the new experience and see what the tent could handle in more extreme conditions. In the musical edits I even added the chorus of Ryan’s Fancy’s wonderful tune “A Children’s Winter”, performed by yours truly. Hopefully it’s not too hard on the ears. Thanks for watching! Follow me if you are interested in outdoor adventure: Facebook:   Instagram and Twitter : @nlexplorer88 Etsy:… Adventure was filmed with a GoPro Hero 5

This is an interactive map made by Dave MacLean who teaches GIS at Nova Scotia Community College. It shows every campsite we had as well as the real time tracking beacons I sent out occasionally while on the daily move. This was all made possible by my Garmin inReach Explorer Plus. There is even access to pictures and videos if you click on the corresponding icons. Overall it is a pretty neat way to look back on our trip and see the actual line we followed. Dave did a wonderful job and I can’t thank him enough.  

Here’s a detailed list of the supplies I took with me 700 kilometers across Newfoundland this past spring. Not every item recorded below was with me at all times. For example, I did not pick up my raft and PFD until the Burgeo Highway at Peter Strides Pond. And it was then I also dropped some of my winter gear, but not all. Changing seasons required different tools at different checkpoints, but most of the core kit such as tent, tarps, packs, cooking utensils, navigational, and tech equipment stayed with me from start to finish, through thick and thin. The caches were essentially a replenishment of nutrition, first aid and fuel. Maybe a clothing item, few batteries, pen and after 40 days, a few cold beer when I was in St.Alban’s and Conne River. The best tasting beers I have ever put my lips on. This was the lineup: Navigation/Communications…

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