Monthly Archives: November 2018

Crossing Labrador, the “Big Land” of flies, I was lucky enough to be given a Thermacell Backpacker repeller to test out. What better place to give it a whirl. This little rig meant the difference around camp on more than one occasion. It screws straight into a isobutane and propane fuel canister. With one 4 oz canister like I have above you get an impressive 90 hours of run time. It’s also extremely light at 114 grams and compact answering the bell in those categories for me. It works by inserting a blue repellent pad on the top grate (each pad is good for 4 hours). I had a dozen or so of those with me and noticed each one to last the 4 hours stated on the package. They release a repelling scent that is said to create a protection zone of roughly 15ft x 15ft although I believe…

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