Hey Justin, hope all is well with you and your household. Just a comment on the notification yesterday on the “new” postings…these have been viewable on YouTube for a while. Why the big time delay on the notification? Just wondering. Take care and Everyone is waiting on the vids from the big trip last fall. Plus, I will ask again, when are you going to set up a store with merchandise? You gotta do it man, you can generate revenue from it.

Hey David thanks for dropping a line! It’s been a busy summer. I was in Spain for three weeks and on a wilderness trip for 17 days recently. So there will be a few vids on that then I’ll be getting into last falls trip. As for merch there should be something set up by the fall and also I have two books coming out for sale. As for the uploading these vids late, I just wanted to get them on the blog as well while I had a chance. It increases the chances they will be found on Google. Thanks for checking in see ya soon!

Excellent Justin. Good to know that you are fairing well after being a “world” traveler. Patiently waiting on new vids while trying to finish up my summer to do list. Snow will be flying here in this part of western New York in a few months, in most cases before mid November. I’m sure you can relate to that statement. Keep up the excellent work and hope to touch base with you soon. Take care in all you do.

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