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Man and Dog: Through the Newfoundland Wilderness and Saku’s Great Newfoundland Adventure¬†are now available in bookstores and online! Come along for a deeper look into our 700 km journey across the woods & waters of Newfoundland in 2017. Choose your POV. Either mine or Saku’s!. How to get copies: This is my new shop. I receive extra support if your order from here. It’s greatly appreciated. All copies purchased from the shop will be signed by me. If you would like a personalized message please let me know in the ‘Contact Us’ section at the top of the shop. The first 50 copies get a free 3×3 inch Newfoundland Explorer vinyl weatherproof sticker! Copies can also be purchased here:   OR in Newfoundland right now at Chapters, Coles, Costco and other select locations. Link to purchase online from Chapters: Man and Dog: Through the Newfoundland Wilderness Saku’s…

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