Monthly Archives: November 2020

Series Update: Hi folks, I’ve been quiet lately. Plenty has happened and focus has been needed. But I won’t beat around the bush. I’m excited to announce that our summer 2020 52-day canoe expedition in Newfoundland’s Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve is headed for the TV screen! Bell Canada has given me a great opportunity and I am seizing it. Man and Dog, the series, will be available on Fibe TV1.The launch date is not in stone but looks to be later in December. I will update soon. You can watch it on Bell Fibe TV, on channel 1, or the Fibe TV app. Subscribe to Fibe TV or download the Bell Fibe TV app to view it on your phone or tablet. So what happens to YouTube? For now, the channel may be slow as I get this series and my upcoming Across Labrador book complete (due out next…

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