Monthly Archives: February 2022

New 6 Episode Series coming very soon to Bell’s Fibe TV1  – Channel 1 and the Fibe TV app! As is usually the case, I needed more time than expected. But it was worth it. This will be a quality winter expedition viewing experience like no other.I made the finishing touches in mid-January so it should air in about 2 weeks once Bell prepares it for broadcast(this is just technical stuff).They give me full control over editing style, narrations, music choices, etc. So it will be the same documentary type shows you and I love. Episodes will average 35-40 minutes with the finale being 1 hour. The first 3 episodes will follow myself, Saku and Bear for a month though the Newfoundland woods(2020). The last 3 will follow Bear and I for a month in the wilds of Labrador(2021). Yeehaw. Like the last series, this one will eventually make YouTube.…

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