Across the Avalon Peninsula

Across the Avalon Peninsula


So tonight I find myself checking my list, again. For the hundredth time in the last five days I look into my iPhone’s notebook hoping that everything is intact. I feel like I am forgetting something but that feeling will never go away. It is a trait that is ingrained in me and I am happy for that. Organization is crucial when you are planning a 14 day hiking/canoeing trip through nearly 100 kilometers of the Avalon Wilderness Reserve. That is what I am setting out to do.

Some may call me crazy, while others just shake their heads and ask ” why ? “. That being said, there are many people who understand what a wilderness trip is all about. To break free from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take the time to hike, paddle, fish, observe wildlife and relax by the fire. To remove our butts from the couch and take life by the horns. Lifting our heads from our phones and laptops and looking at what’s around us. That’s what a wilderness trip means to me. For those who have done it before it needs no explaining, but for those who haven’t participated, it’s practically unexplainable. I have read that 40-50 years ago a typical trip into the back country averaged nearly 15 days. Now they are dialling in at about 2-3 days. That’s just not good enough.  I’m not trying to rub anyone the wrong way when I say this, but people have their priorities messed up. I understand that we have commitments (family, work, school) and then there are the individuals who are just not cut out for it. That is perfectly okay by my standards. All I’m asking is that you to give it a try sometime. Take a day long hike. Camp out one evening. Once you dig in you will appreciate our land and gain a much greater respect for mother nature herself. Anyways, enough with my rant on that. I need to tell you a little bit more about my trip.

I hit the road tomorrow at 5 am from St. John’s. My beautiful and supportive girlfriend will drive me two hours down the Irish Loop towards Trepassey. From here I will hike nearly 60 km’s to my canoe which is currently stashed in a secret area with rations and supplies for the second half of the journey. That leg will take me through numerous ponds and finally to Salmonier Line after about 40-50 km’s of paddling/portaging. I hope to arrive between the 24th-26th of July. About 14 days or so of back country wilderness exploring! I think if I moved quick I could make it in 10 days, but then I would have no time to fish and relax. So the speed hike will have to wait for another day.

So, if you are interested in following me go ahead and check out my Spot GPS shared page. It will give you up to date coordinates of my location and progress along the way. I will post it below and on Twitter and Facebook. In the meantime, get outside and enjoy our beautiful Newfoundland scenery, we are all so lucky. Now I have to go check my list just once more…

Cheers for now,

Never stop exploring


Link:     My Spot GPS Shared Page


Justin my boy you’ve inspired me….God do I ever envy you ….I spent so much time in the country ( woods as we called it ) & miss it like you would not believe…Good on you…This is back on my ” bucket list “….

Are you still using My Spot GPS Shared Page?

I’d be happy to follow your adventure live or close to it!

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