Having some fun breaking in my new Canon Rebel T5i camera

Having some fun breaking in my new Canon Rebel T5i camera


Last month I purchased a EOS Canon Rebel T5i camera. It is the first quality piece of photography equipment I have ever owned. Before this rig I was accustomed to snapping on my iPhone/Android or GoPro Hero 3+ Silver. Both these devices do a bang-up job but they don’t hold a candle to the Rebel. I have no degrees in photography but I can tell you that this DSLR camera shoots some spectacular shots. Versus the GoPro, I am gaining the ability to zoom in and capture some fine looking wildlife photos. Something that was never possible on my trips with the Hero 3+ in hand. Don’t get me wrong though, the GoPro takes some magnificant wide angle photos. I find it is best used for panoramic type shots where you want to capture a large background. And of course its ability to take action videos is awesome.

My experience with photography is all self taught, so I take pride in capturing as many photos as possible, with as many different views and camera setting changes as possible. From here I am trying to learn what is successful and what is not. What is pleasing on the eyes and what looks like just another iPhone photo. I think I am slowly starting to figure this photography business out. BUT, I have a hell of a lot left to learn.

Here is a sample of some photos I have taken with my new piece!

I hope you enjoy them,

These first couple are from a recent boil-up with my good buddy White-dog:

Capelin and tea. A staple in Newfoundland woods cusine


White-dog roasting steak and peppers on his handcrafted stick

These are from a local walk in the woods with my Malamute Husky named “Bear”:



A Balsam Fir clinging for life




Do you have any clue what this is? Comment below if you think you know!

This next bunch is from a trip to my Grandparents cabin on Labour Day weekend near Greenspond, Newfoundland:



The tiny island of Greenspond, Bonavista Bay thrived when Codfish was plentiful years ago. Thousands lived there then, only a few hundred remain today.




A gallon of freshly picked Newfoundland blueberries. Get at me






Heather being cool on Windmill Bight beach


The causeway to Greenspond

On a walk in late August I stumbled upon a large group of Red Admiral butterflies so I set my sights:




I have already posted on my very interesting expedition through the remote “Bay du Nord” Wilderness Reserve in central Newfoundland. See my post “12 Days of Bush Living On Your Back”.  Here are some others that didn’t make the first cut:




Gene Ploughman of Thorburn Aviation flew me in, what a guy!



A Caribou doing a #1 or a #2. What do you think?
I was interacting with this guy for at least an hour


A couple of young Caribou out for a morning dip


Mt.Sylvester and my Alpacka Raft


The gradual ascent to Mt. Sylvester


On a clear day, you can see for a 100 kilometres in any direction from the top of Sylvester

Last but not least, here are a few of our dog Bear:





Bear Fetching


Bear being Majestic


If you would like a copy of any of my photos (from here or on previous posts) I am currently putting some on canvas. Let me know via justinbarbournl@gmail.com or drop me a line here if you are interested in a nature or wildlife photo that would look great in a family room, rec room, bedroom or even a shed!



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