Preparing through Autumn Adventures

Preparing through Autumn Adventures

As most of my close friends and family know by now, I am planning a large scale wilderness trip for next spring. Exact details are still in the air and I will share more in the near future. In preparation for this adventure of a lifetime, I have been spending my fall gaining every inch I can with regards to: how my system works, how Saku develops (since he will be along for the journey), configuring my route, understanding what I can handle physically and mentally, and developing my photography and filming skills. It has been an enjoyable and exciting planning process.

Although it may be unhealthy or healthy (I’m unsure), I think I am slightly addicted to perfecting each component of the trip along with living the wilderness life. Every morning I wake up itching to learn something new and willing to get out every possible kink in my way. I am doing what I love and continually scratching my itch to live an adventurous lifestyle. In reality, I will never be as prepared as I want to be. But at the end of the day that just makes the expedition a little more interesting. Plus, what fun is a good adventure without some surprises?

Here are some snaps I have taken over the last couple weeks. The Autumn weather has been favourable, so get out and sponge it up when you can. Before you know it, Old Man Winter will have his grip on us and extra layers will be necessary. Let’s just hope it’s not a pile of slush.

Coastline of Bauline looking down towards Cape St. Francis
The Light Tower inside of Bauline Harbour
The quaint little community of Bauline
Rafting Bauline.jpg
It was a great place to take my Alpacka Raft for some test runs
A sight to ease all your worries



Bauline Bonfire Night.jpg
Bonfire Night campout

Saku riverside.jpg


Saku’s first raft trip


Whether it is a 30 minute hike or an overnight trip. The full pack is always with me. The body needs hardening. I fill it at ~70-80 lbs to try and simulate conditions for next year
There is always time for a quick nap. I honestly prefer the earthy comforts of the forest floor over my couch. Especially with the fire crackling and the brook trickling in the background

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