Film: Crossing the Avalon Wilderness Reserve of Newfoundland and Labrador

Film: Crossing the Avalon Wilderness Reserve of Newfoundland and Labrador

This film tells the story of my approximate 120 kilometre hiking and canoeing trip across Newfoundland’s Avalon Wilderness Reserve. It was an adventure I tackled two summer’s ago after several months of preparation. Check out My Quest for the Century Club…. of Trekking and Exploring . Before this, the longest I had been in the wild consecutively was 4 days spent traversing the Avalon Peninsula’s Hawke Hills. During that particular trip I only travelled 30 kilometres.

Not only was this my first long distance trek, but it was also a solo endeavour that tested my mental and physical capacities. I believe that experiencing hardships on our own in an isolated setting helps us grow as more independent and self-reliant individuals. When you are left to your own devices and have no one to turn to you stretch in your ability to overcome adversity, fear and discomforts. I faced all kinds of these situations on this journey and really got to know myself better than ever. What I enjoy, what I don’t and how the simplest of things in life can give us the most pleasure when it is appreciated.

Spending two weeks immersed in nature and disconnected from everyday distractions was a blessing and something I really value in my life. I can’t say enough about the wildlife encounters I experienced. I caught an abundance of trout, seen 21 moose, sighted numerous flocks of Canadian geese/black ducks, heard coyotes howl and was swarmed by mosquitoes. We can all value these aspects if we take the chance to become better acquainted with them.  More than ever in this generation, we as humans need to understand how to make use of nature and its many benefits. It is becoming a lost art. After all, it is where we came from and where we belong. Deep down in all of our genetics there is a gene that represents the past history of the people who existed before us. These people roamed, utilized and developed deep spiritual connections with the land not that long ago. With this film I want to inspire people today to do the same. To go back to the land and unplug from these constant, unhealthy amounts of distractions in todays society. Adventures are not that far from your front door. You just have to create them and chase them.

In short, this trip strengthened my addiction for wilderness travel and taught me many valuable lessons regarding expedition planning. I realized that the only way to learn and grow is to get out there and push yourself outside your own comfort zone. This theory holds true whether you are in the wild, at the workplace or just living everyday life. The next time you feel nervous to seize a new opportunity, take the plunge and get uncomfortable. It may make the difference between you reaching your dreams and potential or falling short and being content as you are.

I hope you enjoy the show. If you are kind enough and really enjoyed it, then please give it a share to show your friends and family who also love the great Newfoundland and Labrador outdoors!

I even included some sweet-sounding homegrown musical talent,




Great work Barbour! No guts, no glory. A select few can take on that challenge for a couple of weeks.

Thanks Coady, I appreciate the kind words. You would love it out there too! Keep your stick on the ice.

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