Newfoundland West to East: For the Love of the Rock

Newfoundland West to East: For the Love of the Rock

Below is the link to the Facebook page I have created for my crossing Newfoundland packrafting and hiking expedition. I want to bring you along for the ride. About 700 kilometers seperate me and Saku from the west coast and Cape Broyle. Once finished it will be the first documented complete coast to coast crossing of the island through the woods and waters.

If you share anything related to my trip on social media platforms over the next 6 months you can use the hashtags #crossingNL, #westtoeast, #fortheloveoftherock, or #NLexplorer.

This will help spread word of our magnificent province and the expedition across it. We want to show off this island to the world!! Daily tracking will also let you know how we are making out in the wild.

We are so stoked for this adventure. There are just as many surprises waiting for you as there is for us. So please come check it out!

Thanks for all the support,


Here is the link to a previous post I made on this:

Details on “For the Love of the Rock” Expedition Spring 2017 coming soon..

A smokey fire overlooks my resting raft and the pronounced 1234 foot Mt.Sylvester in the Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve. It is an Inselberg or Monadnock, a rock tower produced by chemical weathering and was further modified by glaciation. Usually the weaker rock erodes and the remaining abrupt hill/mountain  which is stronger, remains. I was in this area training (August 2016) and will cross through it again as I cross NL. Here is an article I did on that particular trip: Twelve Days of Bush Living On Your Back


Looking forward to following this, I’m sure it will be just as intriguing as any survival show I see on TV today.

Justin. Looking forward to seeing your adventure as you travel Eastward. A very unique experience and an outstanding life experience. Not to mention the prime angling opportunities that you will encounter. Bryce and Lloyd Colbourne never attempted anything like this. A true modern day reboot of Newfoundland Outdoors. Thank you for taking us all along on your journey.


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