Here is a short film I whipped up on my year spent teaching in Cartwright, Labrador. It follows me on a 50 km solo canoe trip at the end of the school year and also includes highlights from other outdoor adventures I experienced.

The majestic canoe route starts with a ~2km portage to get from Dykes river to a branch of the the Sand Hill River headwaters, Big Beaver Brook Pond (shown in film). Paddling then becomes moderately challenging with some class 2-3 rapids when spring water run-off is high. Paddling the route during dry times would require some tedious lining or alternate portages through old trapping trails I have not listed. These can be pointed out on request. Once you exit the Sand Hill River you are at the remote and resettled community of Sand Hill, which is about a three hour boat steam from Cartwright. Pickup would have to be by an arranged boat or float plane at this point. Getting to the start point by vehicle is the way to go. Take the Trans-Labrador Highway until you reach the Cartwright Junction turn-off. 90 km down this road will get you to to the community. While here, check out attractions such as Flagstaff Hill, Experience Labrador Tours or spend a night at the Northside Motel People in Cartwright are as friendly as they come so don’t be afraid to ask any questions. From here there is 15-20km drive into Dykes River over a woods road that eventually leads to the North Warning System. The North Warning System (NWS) is a joint United States and Canadian early-warning radar system for the atmospheric air defence of North America. It provides surveillance of airspace from potential incursions or attacks from across North America’s polar region. Before you hit the NWS you will reach the bridge of Dykes River and the starting point of this trip. Anyone who wants more advice on the route don’t hesitate to drop me a line:

If you are going, then a spinning and fly rod are a must. There are monster Brook/Sea trout, Salmon and even Arctic Char to be caught.

For those who want to witness some Big Land beauty from the comfort and safety of their couch, than this is a must see.

I hope you enjoy it. Please share it around if so!




Sunset Big Beaver Pond
Watching sunsets and eating 3 pound trout during night one on Big Beaver Brook pond



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