Let the Fun and Games Begin & Expedition Sponsors

Let the Fun and Games Begin & Expedition Sponsors

Well, the time has come to start off on my long haul across the Rock. Saku and I are rearing to go. As most know, 700 kilometres of beauty and ruggedness lay in front of us. We are prepared. This trip has been a two year planning process for me. Specifically, over the last 10 months I have emptied near every ounce of my energy into the training and research of making this a reality. Hours of trial and error with gear, dieting, Saku’s preparation, my physical and mental capabilities and much more. The easiest part is over. Now the real fun and games begin. Days will be long, days will be short. Nature will be forgiving, nature will be cruel. We will learn to work with her and not against her. And at the end of the day the comfort of the country and thrill of adventure will fuel us to the finish! I have never been more excited, yet anxious, to do something in my life.

Along the way, help and support has been abundant. Below I want to thank some of my major sponsors and supporters:


The Outfitters Logo
The Outfitters have been there for me and Don Clarke especially, has helped line me up with the right gear for the job. http://www.theoutfitters.nf.ca/



S.E.A Contracting may not have had the gear needed but Shawn Butler’s company from Torbay provided me with a much appreciated support. http://seacontractingltd.ca/


Ruff Wear
Without the support of this American based company, Saku would not be tramping through the woods in style and comfort. http://www.ruffwear.com/


I needed to fill my belly. Enough said.



Capital Subaru
Driven to Explore. That is the slogan of Capital Subaru. I was overwhelmed to be supported by this local vehicle dealership.


The help of Baffin will keep me toasty. Especially on the first 100km to Burgeo highway, where winter is still in full swing across the Long Range Mountains.


This local ( St.John’s based) clothing company maintains the message of staying connected with our surroundings of nature and wildlife. They reached out to me and I was happy to support them.https://www.wildhoodclothing.ca/



Dean Macdonald Outfitters.jpeg
Without the help of Dean MacDonald, my food supply on the Burgeo highway would not be as accessible. The owner of this Burgeo based Outfitting company was a HUGE help.  http://www.dadgoutfitter.com/



Without the exceptional generosity of this St.John’s based company I wouldn’t of been able to have the quality of gear I currently have now. Thank you so much for making this trip possible guys.


I also want to mention Chief Misel Joe of Conne River. His words of wisdom and willingness to take my food supply in that community has made that leg of the trip a success.

Other supporters are my girlfriend Heather, parents, grandparents and of course my close friends and family. All individuals have contributed in some way or another.

To follow our progress go to expedition Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FortheLoveoftheRock/   


Follow me on Twitter https://twitter.com/NLExplorer88   (@NLExplorer88)


Saku and Justin

One final evening with the family ( minus Bear!) in Bay St. George.



Saku just getting going!


Good luck and safe travels to you and Saku!! I’ll be watching your progress and sharing it with my kids in class. Stay safe and enjoy every minute and mile of your journey!

Justin… just meeting and talking over the past few months I know how excited you are and how much this means to you… I have 100% confidence that you are ready… All the best, both you and Saku stay safe and enjoy this adventure to the fullest…. Cheers!!!

Good luck on your voyage…I will be following you and rooting for you. You will have memories for a lifetime. I admire your courage and tenacity.

Best of luck to you, Justin and Saku! Take care and all the best for your journey across our beautuful island!

From one of your proud and distant (Barbour) cousins, Denise.

Good luck barbs, proud of ya and rooting for you buddy. You got this, no doubt in my mind. May the odds be forever in your favour.

never laid eyes on ya. But heard about this, and that yer a gun at puck. Will be slow clapping the entire way.

Justin, you have become quite the inspiration to all of us, be safe and successful.

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