Fine Art for Sale!

Fine Art for Sale!

Hi everyone,

With some recent interest blooming I have decided to set up an ETSY shop to sell some of my fine art photography. These are images taken passionately by me and hopefully will be observed just as passionately by you or whoever else sees them.

To purchase go to this link:…

I hope to put owners into the Newfoundland outdoors from the comfort of their homes!



Information on shop:
–Sold on their own as prints (glossy or matte) and come with no frame.
–Shipping is paid only once for multiple items going to the same address. If you want to pick up from me in person inbox me here and I will void the shipping. If you are outside of Newfoundland and Labrador please send me a message and I will calculate the shipping.
–If you have any other special requests or issues please inbox me and I will be glad to talk!
–There is more information under the pictures info in the shop itself.

Also if you make a purchase, leaving a small review would be great and mean a lot to me!




Hi Justin.
Beautiful pictures and a great variety from the Rock. Are you related to tha Barbour from Newtown I live in Massachusetts, have been to NL. My grandmother was a Barbour. Glad to have happened on your site.

Hi Lisa!
Thanks for the kind words. Yes I am related to the Barbour’s from Newtown. I spend time down that way every Labour Day weekend. What was your grandmother’s name?

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