We’re Headed for the TV Screen!

We’re Headed for the TV Screen!

Series Update:

Hi folks, I’ve been quiet lately. Plenty has happened and focus has been needed. But I won’t beat around the bush. I’m excited to announce that our summer 2020 52-day canoe expedition in Newfoundland’s Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve is headed for the TV screen! Bell Canada 🇨🇦 has given me a great opportunity and I am seizing it. Man and Dog, the series, will be available on Fibe TV1.The launch date is not in stone but looks to be later in December. I will update soon. You can watch it on Bell Fibe TV, on channel 1, or the Fibe TV app. Subscribe to Fibe TV or download the Bell Fibe TV app to view it on your phone or tablet. So what happens to YouTube? For now, the channel may be slow as I get this series and my upcoming Across Labrador book complete (due out next year). One human can only do so much. I’m sure you understand. But come early 2021 videos will return there as trips are upcoming.Thanks to everyone for continuing to support our expeditions. We would not be here without you. This is just the beginning.JustinPicture taken during the 52 day journey.




Congratulations Justin,,,,loved all previous episodes,,,look forward to the new. Well done!! Robert McGregor 

Glad to hear about the new TV show . Kind of worried about you guys not hearing anything lately. I really like your adventures. I spent a week in western Newfoundland in 1986 and will never forget the great memories.

Thanks Randal happy to hear from you and that you got to see the beautiful west coast of our island. Where were you? All is well on our end just taking some time to ourselves and making sure the upcoming TV series is the best it can be for its early 2021 release. Happy Holidays, Justin

Do you follow on Facebook or Instagram? My links for those pages are here on my website. I update on those platforms regularly. Not so much here but I should get better at it. Bell series due out in a month or so but tough to predict. TV world moves slower and more carefully. As for the winter series that will come after the Bell series of last summers trip. Thanks for the interest! Best wishes

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