Barbour & Saku: Through the Woods now airing on Bell Fibe TV

Barbour & Saku: Through the Woods now airing on Bell Fibe TV
Watch the Barbour & Saku new series trailer–>

We are excited to announce, all six episodes of the series; “Barbour & Saku: Through the Woods” are up and ready to watch on Fibe TV, channel 1 and the Fibe TV app.
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Justin, kinda feel jilted as a patreon member and YouTube subscriber of yours that being here in the states we can’t watch your series on our TV set. There has to be a way we are not forgotten here…and just 25 miles from the border..seems a continent away. Guess I’ll use the link you sent and watch on computer. Certainly not the same as 38 inch TV screen. And no new YouTube vids from you…..oh well.

You know it’s on YT now I’m sure. It was in the Bell deal that I could not say it was coming to YT. I am sure you understand. Take care all the best David!

Yes, I mentioned that just before I found out it became available on YT. I wish you only the best in all you do and your chosen path will have good rewards . Old early English family war cry (my surname) is “undertake and persevere”. You’ll do great if you too follow that saying. Served me quite well so far. Take care and as always…love your work..keep’m coming!

Thank you Justin and Saku for “taking” me along on your adventures. I have a deep affection for both Newfoundland and the people of Newfoundland. I have yet to visit Labrador. I have thoroughly enjoyed every YouTube video and if the Bell deal helps with your life’s passion and bringing us more adventures I hope it works out. I will find your videos wherever they may be. Please give Saku and Bear a hug for me!

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