Barbour & Saku: Through the Woods Series comes to YouTube

Barbour & Saku: Through the Woods Series comes to YouTube

I’m excited to announce that Barbour & Saku: Through the Woods is coming to YouTube this Friday, May 14th.

It puts a huge smile on my face that all you outside Canada and non-Bell Fibe TV subscribers will now be able to watch the new 6 episode series. It wasn’t easy to bite my toothless grin over the last six months and shut you out but that is life and decisions. I had to do what was best for my career. I will air a new episode every Friday until the series is over on my channel:

Please share the news and subscribe to the channel if you haven’t so you won’t miss an episode.

I hope it gets you fired up for summer adventures!

Picture above was taken on day 52 at our expedition finish point on the Atlantic ocean coast, Newfoundland, after 300 km of bushwhacking. The series will still be available on Bell Fibe TV1 – Channel 1.

Also if you’re interested you can see each episode a day early along with bonus content on my Patreon site: A special thanks to those Patreons for helping make these trips and my dreams possible.



All is cool with waiting to see the Thru the Woods series. I knew that patience was a virtue and so it is. Waiting still with a slight bit of patience! Take care Justin.

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