Post Expedition Update: 4 Week Great Northern Peninsula Backpacking

Post Expedition Update: 4 Week Great Northern Peninsula Backpacking

Up on the high country – Soufletts River, NL.

“After 4 weeks on foot and unsupported, we will emerge from the Great Northern Peninsula interior. It has a reputation for being the most rugged wilderness on the island and lived up to its name. I say this from experience. We have worked with it day after day, in all its summer moods. A Post-Tropical storm, drenching rains, driving winds, scorching sun, cool sub-arctic evenings, ripping thunder & flashing lightning. I paint it real. As time constraints and various difficulties bear down, we have to reach the faraway coast, where the only civilization dwells. I modify the original route and head due west over tall rocky ridges, down through jungles of sharp tuckamore, across squishy saturated marshes and along a pleasant grassy meadow that sways beside a trickling mountain creek. Prime moose habitat. We’ve seen many and constantly search out their trails of least resistance. And look ahead, a sea of bakeapples spread across the peat bog!”

I wrote that a few days back before we came out of the bush. Now I am home kicked back reflecting and enjoying a cold pop or three. Eventually, I will reveal the challenges faced on this expedition in a documentary series.

It was a fine journey through untamed distances of intense peace, mystery and magic I shall long remember. On the ground, we covered 215 total km. Wildlife was everywhere and not a human did we lay eyes on. My main objectives were to explore as much of the Peninsula as possible and enjoy the first-class nature. Both were completed but there is still plenty of bushwhacking to be done.

My first trip on the GNP was an eye-opener and now my appetite for it is stronger than ever. I will be back to see my beautiful friend. She stole my heart yet I only scratched her surface.

Excited to share more from the adventure soon.

Take care and go hard!



Looks like another great trip in awesome country, looking forward to seeing it if it makes it to Youtube.

Thanks for sharing your adventures. Keep going. You are one of the last of the true explorers!

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