Photos & Field Notes from 2021 Great Northern Peninsula Expedition

Photos & Field Notes from 2021 Great Northern Peninsula Expedition

Photos & field notes from this summer’s Great Northern Peninsula expedition:

Mode of travel: backpacking

Total days: 27

Total campsites: 16

Total km as crow flies between start & endpoint: 72

Total km on ground: 215

Extra km scouting: 15

Total outfit weight to begin (no resupplies, tough terrain):

Me: 98lbs

Saku: 22lbs

Consecutive days w/o seeing humans: 24

Moose: 25

Caribou: 3

Black Bear: 2

Geese: 24

Ducks: 71 (variety of species)

Ptarmigan/Partridge: 31

Spruce Grouse: 27

Brook trout caught/eaten: 46

Birds of prey: 6

Beaver sign: 3 signs but no sightings

Lowest elevation: sea level

Highest elevation: 1800 feet

Crossings of rivers & larger brooks: 4

Days with rain: 14

Highest single rainfall: 60-70mm (Post-Tropical storm Elsa)

Highest wind gust: 70km/h

Hottest temperature: 26°C

Coldest temperature: 7°C

Furthest distance from civilization as crow flies: 35km

Pairs of underwear sacrificed: 2

Total weight loss me: 12.5lbs

Total weight loss Saku: very little dogs are tougher than us.

Wild berries eaten: 100’s of bakeapples, some strawberries, crowberries, early partridge & blueberries

Brooks discovered which are not marked on topo map: 2

Km travelled in trackless country: 160

Km travelled on woods trails: 55

Percent of route off-trail: 66%

Most km walked in a day: 30

Thunder & lightning storms: 2

Damaged gear:

– Saku’s bag torn

– my bag torn

– broken tripod leg

– moisture damage in camera mic

– broken buckles on both gaiters

– heels worn through in socks

– burn holes in rain coat

– 1 spinner lost

Documentary of this trip will come to YouTube in due time!

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Wow! I discovered your videos recently and it’s been really incredible following you on your expeditions. You’ve inspired me to get back to your stompin grounds and do some more exploring. Come see us on Canada’s West Coast some time and keep up the great work!

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