(Season 2) Episode #1 Through the Woods with Justin Barbour

(Season 2) Episode #1 Through the Woods with Justin Barbour

The time has come folks! My YouTube Channel is now airing the new season of Through the Woods with Justin Barbour!

Click the link —> https://youtu.be/ZmKKomZQw6Y to come along with me and the dogs for 60 days of true adventure in Newfoundland & Labrador’s most remote wilderness.

You won’t wanna miss it.

I guarantee you’ll get the strong itch to steal away into the wilds yourself!

This will be a six-part series. Episode #2 comes next Friday.

Subscribe to the channel so you can follow the action! And please leave a thumbs up and comment on the video if it tickles your fancy. Share’s are great too and will only help keep future journey’s coming!

Full series available now on Canada’s Bell Fibe TV1 – Channel 1:


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