(Season 2) Episode #2 Through the Woods with Justin Barbour

(Season 2) Episode #2 Through the Woods with Justin Barbour

Live on YouTube now—>Episode #2 of 60 Days Through the Woods with yours truly and the by’s Saky and Bear.

Watch here: https://youtu.be/8XZ6AV8XkZ4

The adventure continues atop Middle Ridge, Newfoundland. Cold-stormy weather, beautiful wilderness and a scary incident are encountered.

Being it Earth day it is fitting to sit back and immerse in quality Newfoundland outdoors after your own evening excursions. Like we depend on nature for our survival, it also depends on us for its own health and longevity. Getting out in it often makes one realize this more clearly and emotionally. Then one will be more likely to appreciate, utilize, and respect it. Every little bit counts whether you believe it or not. The easiest thing anyone can do is brush it off with the attitude that a bit of effort won’t affect the grand scheme of things down the road for the better when we are long gone – well it absolutely will. Every positive action helps. We are already seeing calamities created from past poor decisions. But I don’t believe it’s too late to change our course.

Enjoy this evening’s show and have a great weekend.



Episode #3 airs next Friday.

Full 6 episode’s available now on Canada’s Bell Fibe TV1 Fibe TV1 – Channel 1:


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