Welcome to the Site!

Welcome to the Site!
My name is Justin and my passion is wilderness living and expeditions.
The challenges and joys experienced outdoors fill my soul and make me feel alive. I do it to see if I can but also to share the passion and learning experiences had along the way. I want to create healthy conversation about wild spaces and get more people moving within them. I use film, photography, writing and keynote to showcase my adventures. On my travels, I prefer self-propelled movement. I like to hike, paddle, ski, snowshoe, climb, claw and anything else that moves me by my own power.
I fish, forage and hunt when possible for subsistence. I go on long demanding expeditions and also shorter tours. I have two dogs, Saku and Bear, who love it as much as I do and join in on the fun.
My life mission is to inspire and encourage people to utilize, appreciate and respect all nature offers and to step a little outside their comfort zone and dare to live the life of their dreams.
Never give up!

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Justin Barbour documents expeditions and outdoor living experiences.
Notable expeditions include:
— Canoe 1000 km across Labrador/Northern Quebec wilderness with Cape Shore water dog, Saku ( 83 days July – October 2018)
— Snowshow/ packraft /hike 700 km across Newfoundland’s interior wilds with Saku (68 days April – June 2017)
— Canoe and hike 300 km touring throughout Newfoundland’s 2985 sq/km Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve with Saku (52 days July – September 2020) 
— Backpacking 215km through Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula with Saku (26 Days – July 2021)
​— Snowshoe and toboggan 200+ km through the Labrador interior near Ossokmanuan Lake with Malamute Bear (43 Days February – March 2022)
— Hike and packraft 175 km south to north through Newfoundland interior wilderness from Grey River to Millertown with Saku (16 days August 2019)
— Snowshoe and toboggan 130 km throughout Middle Ridge Wildlife Reserve and Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve with Saku and Malamute, Bear (32 days February – March 2020)
— Canoe and hike 120 km across Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula solo (16 days July 2015)
— Snowshoe and toboggan 110 km through Labrador’s Eagle Plateau with Malamute Bear (27 days March – April 2021)
— Canoe 60 km down a portion of Labrador’s Sandhill River solo (3 days June 2016)
— Hike and packraft 60 km throughout Bay Du Nord Wilderness Reserve solo ( 9 days August 2016)
Justin is a professional adventurer-explorer, author, YouTube/TV filmmaker, and keynote speaker. He specializes in wilderness living and expeditions.
Formerly he was a school teacher for 5 years (B.ED. B.P.E. from Memorial University of Newfoundland).
In 2018 his 1000km trip was supported by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society (RCGS). During the expedition he carried the RCGS Compass Rose flag and upon return wrote about the journey for Canadian Geographic. In 2020 his 52-day expedition, was also supported by RCGS and in early 2021 it will be airing on Canada’s Bell Fibe Satellite TV1 (Channel 1) as a 6 part docuseries. He has spoken in both Canada and the United States about his expeditions. And they have been featured on media such as CBC and CTV. Man and Dog: Through the Newfoundland Wilderness (2019) is his bestselling memoir and he helped author Marie-Beth Wright create the all-ages illustrated book Saku’s Great Newfoundland Adventure (2019) aimed at inspiring the youth to embrace nature. 
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I have travelled much of the same country. All the aAvalon wilderness area and much of the Bay du Nord.
Great to see another traveller ofthe backcountry who doesn’t use an atv.
I am also interested in the use of a pack raft here on the island.

Hi Dan,
There is no better way to explore the backcountry than by self propelled means. You really slow things down and get to truly appreciate your surroundings. The pack raft is a beast! There is no pond to far away. There are a few posts on it and I will be having more in the near future stay tuned.

My wife, Marie and I love your video series. THANKS for bring all of us along. We’ve watched them all and are looking forward to any new ones. Stay safe and stay outdoors my friend!

Hello Justin….been watching your travels… so great to see you and Saku enjoying the Newfoundland wilderness…my wife and I do a fraction of what you do and enjoy it to the fullest…everyone should try a little adventure keeping in mind their limitations !!! Best to you and Saku in the future cheers Michael ps have you ever posted what equipment you would suggest.. ???

Hi Michael I appreciate the message. Great to hear you are getting out and pushing “your own” boundaries. That’s what it’s all about. The outdoors is so flexible in what it can provide. I have made a couple posts on this blog. The most recent I think is from crossing Newfoundland 2017, but my kit has changed a bit since then. However it wasn’t a bad outfit, just a bit heavier than needed with few unnecessary items. I have a new book coming out in the fall and that will provide a full gear breakdown and review from my Labrador expedition – however I do plan on getting something here on the blog soon. Also try some older videos on my Youtube channel. I also go over my kit in 3-4 of those. Best wishes on the trail! Be patient and take care, Justin

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