Retrieving my Stashed Canoe from Northern Quebec – Coming To YouTube this Friday, Nov 25th!

Retrieving my Stashed Canoe from Northern Quebec – Coming To YouTube this Friday, Nov 25th!

The time has come folks!

This is a bear bite into the paddle I used crossing Labrador and Northern Quebec in 2018. I discovered it when I went to retrieve my stashed canoe this past summer. Both were abandoned when we got flown out after striking ice on that glorious expedition.

Tune into my YouTube channel this Friday to see if the canoe survived 4 long years in the desolate Canadian north.

I’ve carefully produced a 3-hour documentary. At first, I was going to deliver it in 3-4 episodes but as it came into its own I felt it was meant to flow as one big movie. It follows me and Saku on a 10-day, 200km paddling trip across Quebec’s largest body of water – Caniapscau Reservoir to track down my Esquif canoe. Plus I highlight some of the 4000 km drive to get there which included 1100km on remote wilderness roads. All good fun!

I’m very excited to share this experience – stay tuned Friday.

Link to watch the ‘Across Labrador’ series playlist where I stashed the canoe in 2018:

Up next is the Great Northern Peninsula 26-day/220km backpacking series from Newfoundland Summer 2021 – many have asked about it and I appreciate it.

Creation has begun and it will be ready when it’s ready – but that should be soon.

Thanks for your continued support and interest!

Take care folks, bye for now 🏕



Dearest Justin, and Heather.! You are one of the very few truly unselfish, respectful, exemplary , wonderful , inspiring, human beings left on this planet. Not only do we love to be able to “travel from our couch” to see Newfoundland and Labrador, but you give us a glitter of hope for the human race, most of whom seem to have totally lost their sh!!@ these days. So we thank you sooo much for that. Live Long and Prosper Justin, Heather, Saku, and Bear! We love you all! You are great people!!

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