Video: The Abandoned Canoe (10-day/200km Expedition)

Video: The Abandoned Canoe (10-day/200km Expedition)

The Abandoned Canoe Documentary is now live on YouTube!

Watch it here:

A 3 hour film that follows me and Saku on 10-day, 200km expedition.

The goal is to hopefully retrieve the canoe I abandoned in Northern Quebec’s wilderness in 2018 at freeze-up. At the time I was attempting a 1700km expedition from the Labrador Sea to Hudson Bay for the Royal Canadian Geographical Society when winter struck a bit early.

There is a chance that Bears or the harsh northern elements got the best of it…did it survive?

Come along to find out.

(Warning: Comments may contain SPOILERS)

Part of this journey includes the 4000km road trip to get there. 1100km of it on wilderness roads in Northern Quebec.

It’s an adventure of the rarest kind far from civilization!

Hope you enjoy the show!

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All the best – Justin


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