Expedition Northeast 2023-2024

Expedition Northeast 2023-2024

Nearly 5 years in the making – I’m excited to share my next project:

Expedition Northeast – a continuous crossing of northeast Canada never before attempted in modern history.

1 Year / 4 seasons, roughly 3800km. Departing from Hudson Bay this July.

Canoeing, snowshoeing, backpacking, rafting. Upriver, downriver, across lakes, ponds, ocean, hills, valleys, bogs, barrens, and mountains. I will be posting GPS updates en route. Saku will join me for the warmer seasons. During the sub-arctic winter, I’ll likely be solo.

Biggest objective is to complete the route in 12 months by my own power while experiencing and documenting all 4 northern seasons. I want to live simply and in harmony with nature. This has been a dream of mine ever since I struck ice in northern Quebec in 2018. I told myself the next time freeze-up comes, I’ll be ready to continue on throughout winter. It is not redemption. It is not to prove anything. It is a new journey. I just love the wilderness and all the exciting challenges that come along with it. I wanted to start further north above the treeline on the tundra of the Ungava Peninsula and include Newfoundland. Of course, I also want to bring everyone along and get you fired up for the outdoors.

I am hungry and motivated. Here we go.

More details coming soon including live and online presentations.

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Watch past expeditions here on the channel: https://www.youtube.com/justinbarbournlexplorer



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Justin give me a little time to put a plan to get you about $500 as a patron.  I think what you do is important.  Your documentation of your journeys is an inspiration to others.  Will this get on tv?

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